Current Projects


In this project, we propose a multidisciplinary approach to enhance the comprehension of metal machining. For that, we identify three topics that need to be analyzed in order to improve this technology:

1) the development of accurate material models that incorporate the mechanisms of plasticity at the crystal level, as well as the effect of temperature over them;

2) the implementation of robust numerical methods that can upscale the former material models to the macro scale, and remain accurate despite the large deformations in the workpiece;

3) the validation of all material and numerical models with reliable experimental data coming from machining benchmarks, including temperature, strain, strain rate measurements and microstructure behaviour.

Related with these three aspects, the research groups collaborating in the project combine complementary expertise in material science, numerical modeling, and machining, as well as access to the necessary experimental and computational facilities.


The project SIMUFOING between IMDEA Materials and Industria de Turbopropulsores (ITP) is aimed at the development of new simulation techniques that can be used to predict damage on plane engines due to the ingestion of hail and birds. The numerical methods will be validated with experimental data provided by ITP, and should be accurate enough to estimate structural failure of engine parts at a wide range of ingestion velocities. The Computational Solid Mechanics group at IMDEA Materials will be responsible for the dynamic simulations and the material model implementation.