Computational Solid Mechanics

The group works in the formulation, analysis, and implementation of numerical methods for complex problems in Computational Mechanics of Solids, Fluids, and Structures. We have developed a state-of-the-art simulation framework for Computational Mechanics with capabilities for linear/nonlinear, static/transient problems in our areas of interest, including complex material models. Specific topics on which we are currently working are:

  • Robust time integration algorithms
  • Meshless methods
  • Fluid/solid interaction
  • Nonlinear continuum and structural mechanics
  • Numerical methods for coupled problems
  • Multiscale material modeling

News and events

Seminar announcement: Prof. José A. Rodríguez-Martínez, Wed 19 April, 12:30 pm in the Seminars Room April 18, 2017

A general overview on multiple necking and fragmentation problems in ductile solids subjected to high strain rates

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New Publication - International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering April 18, 2017

Energy-Entropy-Momentum integration schemes for general discrete non-smooth dissipative problems in thermomechanics

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New Publication - Advances in Engineering Software April 18, 2017

MUESLI: A material universal library

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New Publication - PLOS One April 18, 2017

Influence of cerebral blood vessel movements on the position of perivascular synapses

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