The multifunctional nanocomposites group is interested in nanomaterials and the exploitation of their properties on a macroscopic scale. One of its main activities is the synthesis of macroscopic materials based on nanostructured building blocks, assembled in a way that potentiates stress and charge transfer processes at the nanoscale. The group investigates tailoring the structure of these hierarchical materials through combination with polymers, hybridisation with semiconductors and fine control of the building blocks at a molecular scale. Central to its research is a macroscopic fibre made up carbon nanotubes and produced continuously by spinning an aerogel of CNTs directly from the gas phase during their growth by chemical vapour deposition. Regarded as the next generation high-performance synthetic fibre, this material is already produced industrially and used in various industries including aerospace.


Interview in RNE to Cleis Santos

Interview to Cleis Santos in RNE Cleis has been interviewed in the radio! She´s been talking about the water purification technology she is developing

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Interview to Dr. Cleis Santos

Check the interview to Cleis Santos! She is currently working on the development of a non – contaminated method to produce purified water.

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