Computational solid mechanics group

The group works in the formulation, analysis, and implementation of numerical methods for complex problems in Computational Mechanics of Solids, Fluids, and Structures. We have developed a state-of-the-art simulation framework for Computational Mechanics with capabilities for linear/nonlinear, static/transient problems in our areas of interest, including complex material models. Specific topics on which we are currently working are:


Jifeng Li defends his PhD thesis

Jifeng Li defends his PhD thesis entitled “Crystal Plasticity Simulation of the Thermo-mechanical Behavior in Polycrystalline Metals”, co-advised by Javier Segurado and Ignacio Romero. Congratulations!

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FYA of Juan L. de Pablos

Juan L. de Pablos presented the work “Formulation, implementation and statistical analysis of material models for metals subjected to high strain rates and high temperature”

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Team members

Ignacio Romero

Group Leader

Computational Solid Mechanics

Aditya Vasudevan

Post-doctoral researcher

Mechanics of metamaterials

David Portillo

Post-doctoral researcher

Numerical methods for fluids and fluid/solid interaction

Eva de Andrés

Research Assistant

Coupled thermoplasticity

Jifeng Li

Research assistant

Coupled crystal thermo-plasticity

Juan Luis de Pablos

Research assistant

Simulation of materials at large strain rates and high temperatures

Mohammad Elahi

Research assistant

Numerical modelling of additive manufacturing

Highlighted projects



MUESLI, a Material UnivErSal LIbrary, is a collection of C++ classes and functions designed to model material behavior at the continuum level. It is available to the material science and computational mechanics community as a suite of standard models and as a platform for developing new ones.

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IRIS is an object oriented, general purpose, parallel code for computational mechanics in solid, fluid, and structural applications. It has finite element and meshless capabilities, a wide range of material models, and solvers for linear and nonlinear, stationary and transient simulations. 

Opportunity: Software license