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The Composite Materials Group (CMG) is involved in the research program of The Next Generation of Composite Materials ( encompassing its research in four major areas in the field of advanced composites for aerospace, automotive, naval and wind energy applications.  Among others, we can highlight:

Multiscale Modelling of Structural Composites. Development of a Multiscale Virtual Design and Testing approach that allows the numerical simulation of composites at ply, laminate and structural scales from the measured properties of their constituents (fibres, matrix and fibre/matrix interfaces).

Manufacturing Structural Composites including prepreg consolidation and out-of-autoclave techniques (injection, infusion, pultrusion) together with the simulation of the material processing.

Multiscale mechanical characterization. The group posses strong experience in the field of mechanical characterization of structural composites under different loading conditions and lengths scales ranging to microstructure to coupons.

The group is led by a senior researcher, Prof. Carlos González working in close collaboration with other research groups at IMDEA in fields related to composites as Micro and Nanomechanics (Dr. Jon Molina), Multifunctional Nanocomposites (Dr. Juan José Vilatela), High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites (Dr. Deyi Wang) and X-ray characterization of materials (Dr. Federico Sket).