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Romero, I., González-Ferreiro, B., Ortiz, M.

Presented at the ESMC

Madrid, Spain, 2015

A model for the space and time upscaling of thermo-chemo-mechanical problems with atomistic description
Romero, I., González-Ferreiro, B., Ortiz, M.

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Presented at the 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics WCCM-XI

Barcelona, 2014

Energy-consistent time integration for nonlinear viscoelasticity
Conde Martín, S., García Orden, J. C., Romero, I.

Some numerical aspects of finite element models for polycrystalline homogenization
Rodríguez, D., Romero, I., Segurado, J.

An Stable X-Fem in Cohesive Transition From Closed to Open Crack
Sádaba, S., Romero, I., González, C., Llorca, J.

A fully Lagrangian, mesh free method for fluid/solid interaction
Urrecha, M., Romero, I.

GAMM 2015

Presented at the GAMM 2015

Lecce, Italy, 2015

Variational integrators for thermo-viscoelastic discrete systems
Kern, D., Romero, I., Gross, M.

XII Finnish Mechanics Days

Presented at the XII Finnish Mechanics Days

Tampere, Finland, 2015

A stabilized, meshless method for the simulation of strongly coupled fluids and nonlinear solids
Romero, I.


Presented at the 13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics

San Diego, CA, 2015

Thermodynamically consistent integrators for non-smooth coupled problems
Romero, I., Pastuschuk, E., García Orden, J. C.